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Lenny Kravitz flaunts his manliness in almost uncomfortably sexy new music video

todayOctober 25, 2023 2

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Pearl clutchers, prepare your gasps.

Lenny Kravitz, a man who can probably read the room’s need for an escapist’s delight, has released a new TV-MA music video for his single “TK421” that is an ode to abs, a tribute to morning sexiness and definitely not suitable for consumption at work – unless, of course, your job is to write about entertainment figures, I suppose.

The plotline: As the morning light cracks its way through the 15-foot windows of Mr. Kravtiz’s boudoir, he rolls over in his complete naked glory to start his day. Not before, of course, greeting the day by ripping the curtains open and treating the trees to a full-frontal view of his manly form. (Not shown: the gardener’s reaction).

What day is it? Who cares, Kravitz probably thinks. It’s a sexy day because I’m here.

The video then takes us through his morning routine, which includes a sun-soaked shower, a cigarette followed by a good toothbrushing (what a gentleman) and some fully clothed thrusting in his unmade bed.

Only note: Made beds are sexier.

“TK421” is an apparent nod to “Star Wars,” as the term refers to a “designation of a human male Imperial stormtrooper who served on Lasan before he was stationed on the Death Star battle station,” according to Wookieepedia.

For context, he sings in one lyric: “Can you feel it, my TK421? Look out baby, try 421. So much better, with my TK421.”

Clever, as “Can you feel my stormtrooper?” would be a little on the nose.

The single is off Kravitz’s next effort “Blue Electric Light,” dropping March 15, 2024. A press release made a point to mention it’s a full-length album. I’m just the messenger.


Written by: Broadcast HipHop Network

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