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Internship Program


What is the Internship Program?

This program is designed to expose students to the various aspects of radio broadcast operations where he/she has the option of being assigned to one of the following departments:

  • Programming
  • Production
  • Interactive Division
  • Sales/Traffic
  • Engineering
  • Promotions & Marketing Department
  • Human Resources

The internship program is a paid/unpaid opportunity for undergraduate students, seeking academic credits for the (fall/spring/summer) semester, to gain excellent hands-on job experience in the radio broadcasting industry.


The internship program is for undergraduate students (sophomore, junior, senior) who maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 as well as completed the required course prerequisites based upon the college/universities criterion (if applicable).

Students will be expected to provide transcripts issued by their college or university’s Registrar’s Office upon request, as mentioned below.

Candidates must complete an application, provided by BroadCast HipHop Radio and Television Stations Group, to be submitted along with a cover letter and resume before the application deadline in order to be considered for any available internship opportunity.

As part of the application process, BroadCast HipHop Networks requires that all students provide the following information upon acceptance into the internship program (documents must be furnished at the time of the interview):

  1. Two letters of recommendation (i.e. professor, employer, etc.)
  2. A letter from the educational institution (on letterhead) indicating students eligibility and will receive academic credit(s)
  3. A copy of the student’s transcript

Upon acceptance, all interns are anticipated to participate in the program for the duration of one semester (approximately 8-10 weeks) with a minimum of 15-20 hours per week. BroadCast HipHop Networks internship program takes place during regular business hours, M-F, 9 am-5:30 pm (less 1-hour lunch), unless otherwise agreed upon by student and supervisor(s). A schedule will be provided to all students based on their availability and the availability of department managers and/or on-site project supervisors.

Students must complete an internship agreement form that encapsulates the expectations of the intern, the student’s college program instructor (if applicable), as well as BroadCast HipHop Radio and Television Stations Group.


Students will be required to complete weekly student time/activity reports, progress reports, and a final student report describing their performance during their internship period. All reports are confidential and will be placed in the student’s file. The information from these reports will assist BroadCast HipHop Networks in making our internship program a successful one.

Expenses – BroadCast HipHop Networks is not responsible for providing students with food or travel expenses.

Resumes must be submitted by April 1 to be considered for the summer semester;

August 1 for the fall session; December 1 for the spring semester.

(Deadlines may vary at the employer’s discretion.)

Send resume and cover letter to:

230 East Ohio Street

Suite 410-1599

Chicago, IL 60611

Attn: Human Resources

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